47 Beautiful and Inspiring Spring Poems

Celebrate growth and the outdoors.

Come with rain, O loud Southwester! Bring the singer, bring the nester; Give the buried flower a dream; Make the settled snowbank steam;

There’s something truly magical about springtime. Flowers bloom and birds sing as the world wakes from its winter slumber. Poetry captures that invigorating feeling, allowing us to share that with our students. Here are some beautiful spring poems for kids of all ages to read and explore in the classroom.

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Spring Poems That Rhyme

1. Silly Tilly’s Garden by Diana Murray

“Silly Tilly loves the veggies …”

2. That Bold Bee by Lenore Hetrick

That Bold Bee by Lenore Hetrick

“I bowed to him and he bowed to me …”

3. Song of March by Patricia L. Cisco

“With winter’s footprints in the past …”

4. Nature’s Way by Heidi Campbell


“Upon a nice mid-spring day …”

5. And Now It’s Spring by Lhtheaker

And Now It's Spring by Lhtheaker

“The grass is green across the hill …”

6. The Beautiful Spring by George Cooper

“Sky, brooks, and flowers, and birdies that sing …”

7. Weather for All by Lenore Hetrick

“I like rainy weather …”

8. A Child of Spring by Ellen Robena Field

“I know a little maiden / She is very fair and sweet …”

Short Spring Poems

9. In Cold Spring Air by Reginald Gibbons

In cold spring air by Reginald Gibbons

“In the cold spring air …” Covering spring poems for kids?

Use this lesson plan to spark a discussion.

10. Spring’s Way by Patricia L. Cisco

“Winter fights to stay. / Sweet Spring always wins her way.”

11. First Green Flare by Sidney Wade

Spring Storm by William Carlos Williams

“Makes the air quiver and dart …”

12. Spring (Again) by Michael Ryan

I Have This Way of Being by Jamaal May

“The birds were louder this morning …”

Inspirational Spring Poems

13. Each Year by Dora Malech

Each year by Dora Malech

“I snap the twig to try to trap …”

14. Spring is like a perhaps hand by E.E. Cummings

“(which comes carefully out of Nowhere) arranging a window, into which people look …”

Create a lesson to explore this concept!

15. Dear March—Come In by Emily Dickinson

“The Maples never knew that you were coming.”

16. What the Thrush Said by John Keats

“And he’s awake who thinks himself asleep.”

17. After the Winter by Claude McKay

“Some day, when trees have shed their leaves …”

18. Springing by Marie Ponsot

“In a skiff on a sunrisen lake we are watchers.”

19. Monadnock in Early Spring by Amy Lowell

Monadnock in Early Spring by Amy Lowell

“Cloud-topped and splendid, dominating all …”

20. In the Memphis Airport by Timothy Steele

“Above the concourse, from a beam / A little warbler pours forth song.”

21. Not Ideas About the Thing but the Thing Itself by Wallace Stevens

“At the earliest ending of winter …”

22. Field in Spring by Susan Stewart

“Your eye moving / left to right across / the plowed lines …”

23. Crisscross by Arthur Sze

“Meandering across a field with wild asparagus …”

Use this lesson plan to teach this thought-provoking poem.

24. A Blessing by James Wright

“Just off the highway to Rochester, Minnesota …”

25. Spring Storm by William Carlos Williams

Spring (Again) by Michael Ryan

“The sky has given over its bitterness.”

26. Spring by Martin Taylor

“I bring new life and herald the warmth …”

27. The Voice of Spring by Mary Howitt

“Look around you, look around! Flowers in all the fields abound …”

Spring Poems by Robert Frost

28. To the Thawing Wind by Robert Frost

To the Thawing Wind by Robert Frost -- Spring Poems for Kids

“Come with rain, O loud Southwester!”

29. A Prayer in Spring by Robert Frost

“Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers to-day …”

30. Putting in the Seed by Robert Frost

“Slave to a springtime passion for the earth.”

Spring Poems About Flowers

31. Cherry Blossoms by Toi Derricotte

“I went down to mingle my breath with the breath of the cherry blossoms.”

Teach this poem and ask students how the speaker feels about the cherry blossoms she sees.

32. I Have This Way of Being by Jamaal May

first green flare by Sidney Wade on a list of spring poems for kids

” I know none of these by name but have this garden now, and pastel somethings bloom …”

33. The Metier of Blossoming by Denise Levertov

“Fully occupied with growing—that’s the amaryllis.”

Use this lesson plan to start a conversation about spring poems for kids.

34. Lilacs by Amy Lowell

“Your great puffs of flowers / Are everywhere in this my New England.”

35. To Daffodils by Robert Herrick

“Fair Daffodils, we weep to see / You haste away so soon …”

36. Daisy Time by Marjorie Pickthall

Daisy Time by Marjorie Pickthall

“See, the grass is full of stars / Fallen in their brightness …”

Famous Spring Poems

37. Spring by Mary Oliver

“Well, who doesn’t want the sun after the long winter?”

38. A Light Exists in Spring by Emily Dickinson

“It waits upon the Lawn / It shows the furthest Tree …”

39. When Lilacs Last in the Door-Yard Bloom’d by Walt Whitman

“O ever-returning spring! trinity sure to me you bring …”

40. Spring by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Spring by Gerard Manley Hopkins

“Nothing is so beautiful as Spring – / When weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush …”

41. Loveliest of Trees by A.E. Housman

“Loveliest of trees, the cherry now / Is hung with bloom along the bough …”

42. Spring by William Blake

“Sound the flute! / Now it’s mute! / Birds delight / Day and night …”

43. Lines Written in Early Spring by William Wordsworth

“Through primrose tufts, in that green bower / The periwinkle trailed its wreaths …”

44. Sonnet 98: From you have I been absent in the spring by William Shakespeare

Sonnet 98: From you have I been absent in the spring by William Shakespeare

“From you have I been absent in the spring / When proud-pied April, dressed in all his trim …”

Spring Haiku

45. Three Haiku, Two Tanka by Philip Appleman

Clouds murmur darkly,
it is a blinding habit—
gazing at the moon.

46. Rain Haiku by David Fox

Rain hits my window
Angels tap-dancing softly
A heavenly sound

47. The 2nd Season by Billy R. Warner

Fresh spring morning time.
That’s the sound of solitude,
the presence of peace.

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As winter ends, why not brighten up your classroom with some poetry? Here's a list of spring poems for kids to welcome a new season!