Best New Books Coming March 2024 for Kids, Teens, and Teachers

Lots of new picks for National Reading Month.

New Books March 2024 collage including Tiny Wonders and The Gulf
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March is National Reading Month, which makes it the perfect time to check out all the new reads available for the classroom and beyond! Here are the new books for March 2024 that we’re most excited to get our hands on.

New Fiction Picture Books March 2024

All That Grows by Jack Wong

All That Grows book cover

It won’t be long before winter finally gives way to spring, bringing new growth to the world. This new picture book explores the connection between plant growth and human growth as two siblings tend a garden together, learning from each other.

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Everyone Gets a Turn by Marianne Dubuc

Everyone Gets a Turn book cover

Four animal friends find an egg, and since they all want to take care of it, they decide to pool their talents and share in caring for the little bird that soon hatches. It turns out, though, that the little bird has a message of her own to share!

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Miss MacDonald Has a Farm by Kalee Gwarjanski, illustrated by Elizabet Vukovic

Miss MacDonald Had a Farm book cover

Women can be farmers too! In this fun twist on the classic song, Miss MacDonald teaches kids how to tend crops, “with a water-water here” and a “weed-weed there.” It’s a clever take on an old favorite, one that helps kids make connections between the food they eat and the people who grow it all.

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Speck: An Itty-Bitty Epic by Margaux Meganck

Speck: An Itty-Bitty Epic book cover

Dive into a vivid undersea world, and follow the journey of a “speck” that starts in a tide pool. As the speck grows into a barnacle that makes its home on the side of a massive blue whale, it encounters challenges and awe-inspiring sights, both big and small.

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Spider in the Well by Jess Hannigan

Spider in the Well book cover

When a town’s wishing well stops granting wishes, one boy peers inside to find a massive spider that seems to be keeping the coins (and wishes!) for itself. But the spider shares a secret with the boy: People were making selfish wishes. Together, the spider and the boy teach the scheming townsfolk a lesson in a hilarious new tale that will delight kids and adults alike.

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Tiny Wonders by Sally Soweol Han

Tiny Wonders book cover

Young April wakes to a sad gray day, when everyone seems too busy to enjoy life. She remembers her grandmother telling her that dandelions always brightened her days. So April sets out to fill her town with dandelions, setting free the “tiny wonders” of seeds that bring sunshine to the whole community.

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March 2024 Chapter Books/Easy Readers

Bunny and Clyde by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Scott Nash

Bunny and Clyde book cover

Bunny and her chipmunk pal Clyde are tired of being good. They set off on a quest to be bad instead, unrepentantly making messes and plotting mischief. Much to their surprise, some of their pranks turn out to be helpful. They find that being bad is a whole lot more work than they expected!

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Fox Versus Fox by Corey R. Tabor

Fox Versus Fox book cover

The “I Can Read” books are a staple in many early elementary classrooms, and teachers will welcome this new addition to the collection. A red fox is determined to impress his new friend, the white fox, with his amazing skills on skateboards and more. The white fox is impressed, but it turns out he has plenty of skills of his own, and the whole tale escalates into a soaring finish.

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Henry and the Something New by Jenn Bailey, illustrated by Mika Song

Henry and the Something New book cover

In the third book about a young neurodivergent boy named Henry, his class prepares to visit the museum for the first time. Henry is both excited and nervous, and at first is too scared to speak up and ask his group to visit the dinosaurs. In the end, though, he finds his voice, and his group learns something new, just like their teacher asked them to do.

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Trim Saves the Day by Deborah Hopkinson, illustrated by Kristy Caldwell

Trim Saves the Day book cover

The Trim series follows an adventurous cat aboard a 19th-century sailing ship. In the latest chapter book, Trim wants to find a way to help out, but mostly winds up irritating his fellow shipmates. Finally, though, Trim is able to use his big voice to alert the crew to a catastrophe and save the day.

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New Middle Grade Fiction Books March 2024

Ferris by Kate DiCamillo

Ferris book cover

Kate DiCamillo is back with an engaging new heroine, who just happens to have been born beneath the Ferris wheel at the fair. Follow Ferris through one eventful summer when she helps to banish a ghost, reform her mischievous sister, and reconcile her arguing aunt and uncle too.

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Kyra, Just for Today by Sara Zarr

Kyra, Just for Today book cover

Thirteen-year-old Kyra is in 7th grade, and suddenly everything is changing. As she deals with the ordinary challenges of puberty and growing up, she also worries that her mother, who has been in recovery from alcoholism for the past five years, might be falling into old habits. This is a must-read for any tween or teen whose family has been affected by addiction.

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The Luminous Life of Lucy Landry by Anna Rose Johnson

The Luminous Life of Lucy Landry book cover

Set in Michigan in 1912, this book tells the story of Lucy, a French and Ojibwe girl who’s been adopted by an Ojibwe family after the loss of her parents. Her father died in a shipwreck, leading to Lucy’s fear of water, an inconvenient fact for a girl who must now make her home with lighthouse keepers. Dreamy Lucy has to find a way to make peace with her past, embrace her Ojibwe culture, and draw on her courage to overcome her fears.

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Olivetti by Allie Millington

Olivetti book cover

In this unique new offering, Olivetti is a typewriter who shares the narration of the story with Ernest, a 7th grader struggling to make sense of his family’s recent tragedy. Olivetti, it turns out, remembers every word ever typed on him. When he’s left in a pawn shop by Ernest’s mother Beatrice, Olivetti decides to break the “typewriterly code” and reach out to Ernest, sharing his typed memories. Together, they find the answers Ernest needs.

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Sona and the Golden Beasts by Rajani LaRocca

Sona and the Golden Beasts book cover

In the land of Devia, the ruling Malechs outlawed music years ago to keep the native people from using their magic and communicating with animals. But Sona, a Malech, secretly hears music everywhere. When she sets off on a quest to help her beloved Ayah, she must embrace her powers and the help of friends and beasts she finds along the way. Ultimately, Sona learns to fight for what is right. This rich new world is perfect for fantasy fans.

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Warrior on the Mound by Sandra W. Headen

Warrior on the Mound book cover

At a time when white and Black Little League teams were still segregated in North Carolina, 12-year-old Cato just wants to become a star pitcher, and dreams of meeting his hero, Satchel Paige. But when his Black team is accused of damaging the new (and far superior) field where the white team plays, it throws the whole town into an uproar. This sports-based historical-fiction novel has a deeper message to share about prejudice and tolerance, then and now.

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March 2024 New Young Adult Fiction Books

Ariel Crashes a Train by Olivia A. Cole

Ariel Crashes a Train book cover

Written in verse, this new YA novel addresses the realities of living with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Teenager Ariel is on her own this summer, with her best friend away and sister off at college. She’s disturbed by her own intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors, until her sister suggests OCD might be at play. Ariel wants therapy to find out more, but her parents aren’t supportive. Fortunately, a new group of friends helps support her as she learns more about herself and her condition.

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The Hedgewitch of Foxhall by Anna Bright

The Hedgewitch of Foxhall book cover

Travel back to 8th century Wales and join a young “hedgewitch” estranged from her family. She sets out to walk the length of Offa’s Dyke, destroying it to return Wales’ disappearing magic. But two young princes have been challenged to do the same, in a contest to determine who will inherit the throne. The three are thrown together in a quest that includes romance, magic, danger, and a deep dive into Welsh mythology.

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Icarus by K. Ancrum

Icarus book cover

Seventeen-year-old Icarus is a high school senior by day, art thief by night. Per his father’s strict rules, he has no close friends, though he does have plenty of acquaintances. Then one night he meets an intriguing boy named Helios during a break-in. The two bond over their restricted lives, pursuing a dangerous relationship that both their fathers would end in an instant. Soon, Icarus must make a choice: his father’s world of art thievery and revenge, or a chance at happiness with Helios instead.

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The No-Girlfriend Rule by Christen Randall

The No-Girlfriend Rule book cover

When your boyfriend tells you that the one rule at his favorite role-playing game group is “no girlfriends allowed,” what’s an RPG lover like Hollis to do? Luckily, she finds a “girl-friendly, LGBTQIA+-friendly campaign” to join instead. With these new players, she explores a whole new world inside the game and out.

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Song of Freedom, Song of Dreams by Shari Green

Song of Freedom, Song of Dreams book cover

As the Berlin Wall prepares to fall in late 1989, pianist Helena is focused more on her music. But as her life (and future career) becomes more constrained by the restrictive German Democratic Republic (GDR) government, Helena realizes she must join those who are speaking up and demanding change. As the GDR disintegrates, Helena’s story (written in verse) unfolds in ways she could never have imagined.

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Best New Graphic Novels for All Ages in March 2024

Next Stop by Debbie Fong

Next Stop book cover

Middle schooler Pia recently lost her brother in an accident Pia believes is her fault. On a trip to Cesarine Lake with a family friend, she’s determined to visit the wacky attraction that supposedly makes “impossible things happen.” The trip itself helps Pia explore what happened to her brother and build resiliency in the face of tragedy. Will the magic of the lake work for Pia? This book leaves you feeling that anything is possible. (Grades 3-7)

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Poetry Comics by Grant Snider

Poetry Comics book cover

These illustrated poems on the changing seasons are perfect for classroom use in a poetry unit. The illustrations help bring the descriptive language and lyrical verses to life, making poetry a relatable topic for reluctant readers. (Grades 3-7)

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The Circuit Graphic Novel by Francisco Jiménez, illustrated by Celia Jacobs

The Circuit Graphic Novel book cover

More than 25 years after the publishing of the original book, this graphic novel adaptation makes the popular memoir more accessible for younger readers. The story of a family of migrant farm works from Mexico will open many kids’ eyes to the challenges of itinerant life, as they read about a boy who just wants an education and somewhere to call home once and for all. (Grades 3-7)

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Blue Stars Mission One: The Vice Principal Problem by Kekla Magoon and Cynthia Leitich Smith, illustrated by Molly Murakami

Blue Stars Mission One: the Vice Principal Problem book cover

Cousins Riley Halfmoon (Black and Indigenous) and Maya Dawn (biracial) move to Urbanopolis to live with their activist grandma after growing up in very different environments. When their school vice principal is determined to do away with programs they love in favor of more trailer classrooms for detention, the two must pair up to expose his plan and save what’s important to them both. (Grades 3-7)

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The Baker and the Bard by Fern Haught

The Baker and the Bard book cover

Juniper (the baker) and Hadley (the bard) set out on a journey to harvest the magical glowing mushrooms needed to fill a customer’s request. They discover that something has been creeping out of the forest at night to eat the farmers’ crops, and Hadley (always on the lookout for new stories) drags Juniper off to solve the mystery and rescue their new animal friends. (Grades 7-12)

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The Gulf by Adam de Souza

The Gulf book cover

High schooler Oli has always dreamed of living at the Evergreen commune on one of British Columbia’s Gulf Islands. She convinces two friends to run away with her, but the journey to the commune is more difficult than they expect. Will the Evergreen actually hold the answers the three are seeking, or will the journey itself prove more important? (Grades 9-12)

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Safe Passage by G. Neri, illustrated by David Brame

Safe Passage book cover

Darius, his little sister Cissy, and his best friend Booger dash across South Side Chicago to find a wrecked armored truck rumored to have left cash floating in the streets. Crossing through these rough neighborhoods is dangerous, and when Booger documents their quest on social media, local gangs are suddenly on their tail as they try to find safe passage there and back again. (Grades 9-12)

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March 2024 New Nonfiction Books for All Ages

Comet Chaser by Pamela S. Turner, illustrated by Vivien Mildenberger

Comet Chaser book cover

Caroline Herschel’s older brother discovered Uranus (with Caroline’s help), but she was also an incredible scientist in her own right. She was the first paid female astronomer, hired by King George III no less. This book chronicles her incredible discoveries throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, bringing this inspiring female scientist to life for young readers. (Grades Pre-K to 3)

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Something About the Sky by Rachel Carson, illustrated by Nikki McClure

Something About the Sky book cover

Rachel Carson is well remembered for sparking the environmental movement. This informative picture book illustrates one of her previously unpublished essays, sharing details about the “ocean of sky” and the clouds that populate it. It’s a quiet, meditative look at the sky above, full of mysteries. (Grades 1-3)

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This Book Is Full of Holes by Nora Nickum, illustrated by Robert Meganck

This Book is Full of Holes book cover

Black holes, ice holes, sinkholes, holes in the body of a guitar … find all of these and more in this clever nonfiction book about various kinds of holes. Full of fun humor and fascinating facts, it’s bound to make you look at holes in a whole new light. (Grades 1-4)

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The Fastest Drummer by Dean Robbins, illustrated by Susanna Chapman

The Fastest Drummer book cover

Drums are often one of the earliest instruments kids learn to play, and they’ll be captivated by the story of Viola Smith. As a young female musician in the 1930s, Viola grabbed the world’s attention by being the “fastest girl drummer in the world.” She drew attention to her cause, encouraging bands to hire female drummers during World War II, and continued to create catchy rhythms when she was more than 100 years old! (Grades 2-4)

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My Antarctica by G. Neri, illustrated by Corban Wilkin

My Antarctica book cover

Join the author on a long-awaited journey to Antarctica’s McMurdo Station, where he meets charming penguins, mummified seals, and scientists engaged in groundbreaking work. The author’s photographs, enhanced by drawings and other images, make the frozen continent seem to leap off the page and into readers’ imaginations. (Grades 2-5)

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The Enigma Girls by Candace Fleming

The Enigma Girls book cover

Bletchley Park (known then as Station X) housed the critical code-cracking work that helped lead the Allies to victory in World War II. Among the brilliant code breakers were hundreds of young women, including the 10 teenagers profiled in this engaging book. Their compelling stories are sure to inspire awe of their courage, knowledge, and skills. (Grades 3-7)

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Exclusion and the Chinese American Story by Sarah-SoonLing Blackburn

Exclusion and the Chinese American Story book cover

The Chinese American story in the United States begins with the first documented arrival in 1834 of an unnamed teenage girl, imported to be displayed “like an animal in a circus.” It continues across the decades, with oppression and prejudice a regular fact of life. Explore the changing social attitudes and laws throughout the years with this thoughtful look at the Chinese American experience that’s ideal for middle grades. (Grades 5-8)

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Spying on Spies by Marissa Moss

Spying on Spies book cover

Elizebeth Smith Friedman was one of the greatest code breakers of all time. Her important work was so vital to national security that much of it is still classified more than 40 years after her death, but the story of her life is fascinating. From her work intercepting coded messages from mobsters like Al Capone’s gang to breaking Nazi codes during World War II, the entire tale is an incredible look at an amazing woman. (Grades 5-9)

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Future Tense by Martha Brockenbrough

Future Tense book cover

Today’s teens will grow up in a world more influenced by artificial intelligence than ever before. That means it’s important for them to understand how AI works, along with its potential advantages and drawbacks. This book is written at a level middle and high schoolers can understand, making it an excellent addition to your nonfiction library shelves. (Grades 7-12)

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New Books for Teachers in March 2024

An End to Inequality by Jonathan Kozol

An End to Inequality book cover

Any educator dedicated to bringing more equality and equity to America’s education system will welcome this analysis of race-based challenges in our schools. While segregated schools are no longer legally acceptable, they continue to exist in practice, with a striking disparity in quality between them. Approach this read with an open mind, and you’re likely to find a lot to think about—and act upon.

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Cultures of Growth by Mary C. Murphy

Cultures of Growth book cover

Many schools are working to build a “growth mindset” culture, but teachers often wonder if it’s really making a difference. This book, with a forward by growth mindset originator Carol Dweck, looks at the application of this mindset to adults and business teams. Tracking stories at companies like Microsoft and organizations like a New York school system, it explores the incredible changes that are possible when growth mindset is given a chance to work.

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Raising a Socially Successful Child by Dr. Stephen Nowicki

Raising a Socially Successful Child book cover

COVID-19 and increased screen time has had a marked effect on many children’s social skills. Dr. Nowicki aims to help reverse those negative effects, as well as prevent them from happening to future generations. Though this book is aimed toward parents, educators will find a lot here that’s useful too, especially in pre-K and elementary school classrooms.

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